Monday, December 14, 2020

The Emotional Support Goblin

A bit of a silly class just for fun today. Based on a meme I saw in the OSR discord server, which is reproduced below. Oh by the way this isn't playtested at all, I get the feeling some of it is plenty broken, but thats just how it be.

The Emotional Support Goblin
A class for use with Old School Essentials (or any similar ruleset)

Requirements: Maximum CHA 12, INT 12, and STR 12, Minimum WIS 9
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: d4
Maximum Level: 10
Armor: Leather only, no shields
Weapons: Dagger only
XP to Level 2: 2,000

Climb Sheer Surfaces
Emotional support goblins are able to climb any surface with a 5-in-6 chance of success.
Close Bond
The emotional support goblin must be bonded with one particular character. When mending their bonded character's broken heart, they have an additional 1d6. If their bonded character dies, they must save vs. emotional breakdown (or I guess save vs. spells) or lose the ability to mend broken hearts forever.
Emotional support goblins advance in combat ability as magic-users. They are only able to wield daggers due to emphasizing therapeutic skill over weapon skill. For the same reason, they can only wear leather armor and cannot carry shields.
Emotional support goblins have infravision to 90 feet.
Mend a Broken Heart
The emotional support goblin has a number of d6s equal to their level which they can use to mend a broken heart during or outside of combat. Once these dice are used, they are unable to perform this again for the rest of the day. When outside of combat, mending a broken heart heals as many points of HP for one friend/ally as are rolled, or alternatively they can be used to automatically heal/cure the subject of any mental effects afflicting them (fear, charm, sadness, intense pain, panic attack, paranoia, etc). Such effects are healed/cured/comforted on a result of 11+ (maximum of 3d6 for the roll). In combat, the HP healing effect cannot be performed, but the emotional support goblin can use the dice to help a friend/ally automatically succeed a saving throw against a mental effect. The emotional support goblin can also use mending a broken heart to add an extra d6 to a retainer's morale roll in combat.
Saving Throws
Emotional support goblins save as fighters, but receive +2 to saves against mental stress.
Scare Away Animals
Emotional support goblins are able to attempt to frighten away wild/domestic animals so that they cannot hurt their friends. When scaring away an animal, they make a morale check modified by the difference between the goblin's level and the animal's HD (minus the difference if the animal's HD is higher, plus the difference if the goblin's level is higher). This can only be done a number of times per day equal to the goblin's level.
When in dungeons or in any level of shadow, the emotional support goblin is able to hide/sneak with a 3-in-6 chance of success.
Sunlight Sensitivity
Emotional support goblins have -1 to all rolls when in full sunlight.

This definitely provides an answer for all those who were definitely totally for real clamoring for some kind of fusion of the cleric and the thief. Well here is I guess a sneaky healer class that just becomes a less good thief if their best friend dies. The XP requirement does not change if your bonded character dies, so make sure you try to keep them alive!

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