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Nasts: Just Use Goblins!

Another "Just Use Goblins" post, this time taking a species of humanoid monsters from a setting I worked on in the winter and spring of early 2019. I realized that this setting shares a lot of elements and characteristics with King of Kings (which I might post about soon), and I realized that I was missing having just some good ol' grimy little buggers in King of Kings. All of my folkloric creatures and pig monstrosities didn't scratch the itch of having gross crawling scrabbling things that live underground. So here's that kind of creature I guess!

Go check out the previous post (about the Kallikantzaroi) for more about "Just Use Goblins", which was originally created by ktrey over at d4 caltrops.

Stats as goblin, except:

Regeneration: Nasts regain hit points at a rate of 3 hp per round if they disengage from combat to feed on refuse, flesh, plant matter, etc.
Feasting: Nasts gain hit points by eating other nasts. They will gain 3 hp when eating a fellow nast, with this increasing above even the normal maximum for a nast. They visibly increase in size when they eat each other in this way.
Leaders: Nasts are led by bullies who ate their way to the top. A nest of nasts will have a leader with HD of 1 +1 for every twenty five nasts dwell in the nest (3 for a nest of 50 nasts) No nast leader will have HD greater than 5. Typically they will be guarded by bodyguards with half the HD of the leader. 
Mounts: Nasts will often ride giant arthropods into combat. Typically 25% of nasts in a group will be astride a giant cicada nymph or giant centipede.
Missiles: Nasts will often throw projectiles when in combat. These include puffballs and spiked balls. Treat spiked balls as sling stones, dealing 1d6 damage.
I imagine their bones like a gibbon skeleton

The nast is a creation of the sea tyrants who dwell in the depths beneath, a creation made to crawl up into the surface world to serve as their eyes outside of water. They are a mammalian chassis of bones ensconced in a flesh of green and brown and red fungal mats, able to feed on just about anything as they crawl through the world half-mindlessly. For many of them, however, their original creators have long gone, or have wriggled into the far depths never to be seen again, abandoning their fungal children in the caves and tunnels. While some are still in service to the sea tyrants, many more have either found other overlords (dark daevas and powerful sorcerers are rather common) or fallen into infighting. They grow and grow without end from cannibalizing each other, swallowing fledgling fungoids to prompt steady growth and spread fear in their brethren. 

The nasts live in a post-apocalyptic world of their own. They struggle to survive in the deep dark depths of the antediluvian tyrants, competing with white apes and men of the deluge for food. They form furtive cargo cults which incessantly continue whatever work they were ordered to do in ages long gone, or serve new masters who claim legitimacy with reference to the ancient sea tyrants who have receded into ever deeper and further depths.

For more gameable information on them, here are some random tables:
source: yvas on DeviantArt

1d12 Puffball Projectile Effects
1. The black spores of the puffball temporarily disable the connections between your eyes and your brain. Save vs wands or go blind for 3 turns.
2. The pale purple spores of the puffball cause intense pain in the roots of your teeth. Save vs paralysis or collapse to the ground in stinging pain.
3. The golden spores of the puffball wriggle into your nostrils and take control of your mind. Save vs wands or be mind controlled by the highest HD nast.
4. The mossy green spores of the puffball take root in your skin and sprout black mushrooms. Roll 1d6 to see which part of your body they take root on:
    1 - left arm
    2 - right arm
    3 - left leg
    4 - right leg
    5 - neck/head
    6 - torso
5. The sickeningly yellow spores of the puffball befuddle your mind. Save vs wands or become confused, if in combat you will attack a random target each round.
6. The grey spores of the puffball temporarily disable the connections between your skin and your brain. Save vs wands or lose all feeling of pain, not knowing your current HP until you reach 0.
7. The orange spores of the puffball cause your tongue to swell uncontrollably. Save vs wands or lose the ability to speak, with any hirelings in your employ no longer acting in combat due to lack of leadership.
8. The crimson spores of the puffball make you feel an intense fever. Save vs poison or become delirious, unable to properly attack or disengage from combat as your fever grows.
9. The lime green spores of the puffball crawl down your throat and into your stomach. Save vs poison or begin vomiting uncontrollably.
10. The sky blue spores of the puffball cause one of your limbs to turn invisible. Roll 1d4 to determine which arm/leg is affected. If this affects an arm that is not normally invisible, save vs spells or drop whatever is held in that arm.
11. The pink spores of the puffball crawl into your nose and ears and throat and hook into your mind. Save vs wands or begin to flee from combat by running backward.
12. The burgundy spores of the puffball slide into your nose and irritate its inner folds. Save vs paralysis or begin sneezing uncontrollably.

d20 Nast Encounter Activities
1. Feeding on a pile of wet rotting plant and fecal matter.
2. Engaged in a rather elaborate ritual to show allegiance to a larger leader.
3. Playing a game with a giant insect pet.
4. Juggling puffball mushrooms and laughing very loudly.
5. Carrying empty boxes up and down a corridor.
6. Following a nonexistent quarry down the deep tunnels.
7. Tending to a patch of beautiful purple mushrooms.
8. In the middle of a bout of feasting on weaker nasts.
9. Drawing adorable things on the walls with charcoal.
10. Pulling out the teeth of a pale cave lizard.
11. Building a structure out of the bones of a long dead creature.
12. Tearing out the pages of a spellbook and tossing them in the air.
13. Creating spiked projectiles by tying metal wire and thorny vines around a stone.
14. Biting off the heads of snakes and playing with the corpses.
15. Playing a game of kickball with a puffball mushroom.
16. Tearing down a patch of spiderwebs blocking their path.
17. Operating long broken machinery to the point of exhaustion.
18. Fighting amongst themselves over some scrap of mulch.
19. Sniffing along the slime trail of a giant snail.
20. Performing an imitation jousting match on the backs of their insect mounts.

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