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GLOG Class: Beekeeper

 Something finally clicked with the GLOG for me. I've been reading GLOG posts for basically as long as the GLOG has existed (and in some ways, since before even! Way back in 2015, when I was only 14 years old, I released an incomplete Gamma World inspired ruleset with rules derived from a bunch of posts that would later form the GLOG... Because of this, I'm actually technically listed as the first GLOGhack on the unified GLOG spreadsheet, even though this predated the GLOG itself! But this is all beside the point), but even though I've been exposed to all of it, I just could never really get into it. In many ways, this was because it was all spread out, and when I read the rules written by Arnold K. or Skerples it didn't really feel like I understood the GLOG... But now I'm increasingly into it! Don't worry though, I'm not going to completely succumb to GLOGification, there will still be things written up here for OSE/BX, but really the GLOG isn't too different in its applications! Well, I'll shut up with this preamble now, here is a class that I had an idea for just for fun!

The bee is the wisest and cleverest of all animals and the closest to man in intelligence; its works is truly divine and of the greatest use to mankind. Its social life resembles that of the best regulated cities. In their excursions bees follow a leader and obey instructions. They bring back sticky secretions from flowers and trees and spread them like ointment on their floors and doorways. Some are employed in making honey and some in other tasks. The bee is extremely clean, settling on nothing that is bad-smelling or impure; it is not greedy; it will not approach flesh or blood or fat but only things of sweet flavour. It does not spoil the work of others, but fiercely defends its own work against those who try to spoil it. Aware of its own weakness, it makes the entrance to its home narrow and winding, so that those entering in large numbers to do harm are easily destroyed by the guardian bees.

This animal is pleased by a good tune: when they are scattered, therefore, beekeepers clash cymbals or clap their hands rhythmically to bring them home. This is the only animal that looks for a leader to take care of the whole community: it always honours its king, follows him enthusiastically wherever he goes, supports him when he is exhausted, carries him and keeps him safe when he cannot fly. It particularly hates laziness; bees unite to kill the ones who do no work and use up others’ production. Its mechanical skill and near-logical understanding is shown by the fact that it makes hexagonal cells to store honey.
-The Geoponika compiled by Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus

The Beekeeper

Each template of Beekeeper you have gives you +1 hit points.

Skills: Beekeeping, Insect Identification, Starting Fires

Starting Equipment: A thick cloth garb for handling the bees in, a hood and wicker mask, nice warm boots, thick hardy gloves, a flint and tinder fire starter, a long metal spoon (1d4), a beehive (takes up three item slots, must be carried with both hands, placed down if you want to use your hands).

A Personal Hives
B Smoke it All Away
C Defensive Swarm
D One with the Bees

Personal Hives
Your bees take on distinct personalities and aspects based on what you feed them. These effects are apparent in their honey and in their stings (a few example personal hives are provided below). In order to fully utilize the effects, you must carry the hive with you, to harvest its honey at its freshest and allow the bees to sting any dangerous foes. Honey can be eaten as a meal to heal hit points as a normal ration. If the bees are stinging, however, you and anyone who gets within range must wear a beekeeper suit or be forced to make a saving throw to avoid the sting's effect. You can change what you feed a hive, but the change will leave that hive without its unique effects for the two weeks it takes the bees to become acclimated.
Smoke it All Away
By burning sweet-smelling and aromatic woods, flowers, and fungi you are able to produce a smoke which can calm any insect of any size. It does, however, take more smoke to calm ever-larger insects. The smoke must be able to surround at least half the creature; to calm a giant insect of about the size of a human, for instance, you must create a large fire that makes enough billowing smoke to account for their size. Attacking the insect once calmed immediately breaks the calm.
Defensive Swarm
You are able to induce the bees in the hive you are carrying to form a defensive shield-like swarm cloud surrounding you in all directions. The defensive swarm keeps you safe from melee attacks, and deals 1d4 damage plus the hive's sting effect to any attacker who steps within it, but does not keep you safe from ranged attacks, fires, electricity, etc. Billows of flame, lightning strikes, very large melee attacks/boulders, etc. will kill all of the bees in the swarm, ending that hive for good.
One with the Bees
You are able to speak with bees of all sorts, are immune to the effects of insect stings (though scorpion stings still affect you and insect bites still affect you!), and your defensive swarm is able to carrying you through the air as a suitable spell that provides flight, as well as being able to coat your body to defend yourself from melee attacks (reduces damage by 2, hive entirely depleted after four attacks).

Example Personal Hives

Rosewater Hive
Fed with: roses watered with rosewater, cultivated in a geometric garden
Honey: Liquid Longing, any who ingest it must save or be overtaken by intense feelings of morose longing for love that they know they can never have.
Sting: The Rose's Thorn, 1 point of damage per round for 1d4 rounds.

Lavender Hive
Fed with: the finest most fragrant lavendar
Honey: Beautiful Scent, able to transfix any who smell it on a failed save, heals 1d4 hit points when ingested.
Sting: Putrid Purple, turns your skin purple and makes you swell up on a failed save, slowing you down and making you unable to move if you are wearing tight armor.

Carnivorous Hive
Fed with: raw meat
Honey: Fetid Stench, forces any who smell it to recoil in disgust, possibly even to run away. Cannot be eaten as a ration.
Sting: Withering Away, 1d3 damage and -1 STR per hour.

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  1. So specific, incredibly delightful and full of whimsy! I can see a GLOGhack roster with this and the Very Good Dog, but the rest of it is shrouded to me... so far