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The Half-Jinni: A Class for King of Kings

 Angels are souls blown into lights,
jinn are souls blown into winds,
and human beings are souls blown into shapes.
-Ibn 'Arabi

Indeed, We created man from sounding clay moulded from black mud. 
As for the jinn, We created them earlier from smokeless fire.
-Surah al-Hijr, the Holy Qur'an (transl. Dr. Mustafa Khattab)

Narrated Aisha, Umul Mu'minin:
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said to me: Have the mugharribun been seen among you? I asked: What do the mugharribun mean? He replied: They are those in whom is a strain of the jinn.
-a hadith reported by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, from the Sahih Muslim

The jinn are fickle, pernicious spirits that were created by truth in ancient days, even before human beings were created. Before the deluge, the jinn lived in the first city alongside human beings, made to bring truth to the world of spirits just as humankind were to bring truth to the beasts. In the millennia since, however, they have grown distant and distrusting, and are the cause of many diseases, possessions, and curses. They are mysterious and monstrous beings, and people are wont to give them a wide berth and treat them with care and fear.

On occasion, a jinni may have a child with a human being. This was more common in ancient days, but even to this day such babies are born, looking at first as a normal child but growing more and more monstrous with age. An arm gradually becomes invisible, their teeth and hair grow uncontrollably... and oftentimes, their parents through them into the street, or tie iron to them to stunt their growth. Half-jinni, or more properly mugharribun, are these abandoned children, forced to fend for themselves in the streets, turning invisible in quick moments to dodge out of danger or snatch bits of food. They are some of the ultimate outcasts, with the sole exception of some of those of high birth who find themselves strangely favored for their supernatural bearing. It is said that some of the queens and kings of ancient days were themselves half-jinn.

Since they live only in the human world, the half-jinn have no real connection to the realm of spirits, other than their ability to see such immaterial beings. The jinn pay them no heed, and oftentimes a half-jinni will be just as susceptible to their whims and schemes as a human would be. 

Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, a mugharriba according to al-Hamdani

The Half-Jinni
A class for use with Old School Essentials (or any similar ruleset)

Requirements: Minimum DEX 9, STR 9, and WIS 9
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: d6
Maximum Level: 12
Armor: Leather only, and shields
Weapons: Any (see below)
Languages: Shahanistani, one additional language
XP to Level 2: 3,000

A half-jinni with at least 13 WIS gains a +5% bonus to experience. If they have a 16 WIS or higher, they have a +10% bonus to experience.

Half-jinn advance in combat ability as clerics. They are able to use all types of weapon, but are unable to wield iron weapons due to the discomfort they feel around the material. For the same reason, they are unable to wear iron armor, but may wear leather armor and carry shields.
Fear of Iron
Half-jinn inherit their intense fear of iron from their jinn ancestors. Being in contact with iron nullifies all of their supernatural abilities and brings them intense fear. A half-jinn in contact with iron cannot become invisible, and if they were invisible they immediately cease being invisible. When in contact with iron, the half-jinni has -2 on all rolls (attack rolls, saving throws, etc). Injuries from iron weaponry maintain these effects until healed (either naturally or magically).
Half-jinn, just like the jinn themselves, are able to turn invisible to the naked eye. However, due to their partially spiritual nature, they are only able to do so for short periods of time. A half-jinni has a set amount of time per day that they can be invisible without dangerously overstretching themself, tearing their soul from their body. The jinni player is able to decide whether to use their whole time in one single use, or space it out over the course of the day. This begins at one round (6 seconds) of invisibility and increases as the half-jinni levels up. Spirits and those with magically enhanced vision are able to see through the invisibility.
Jinn Ancestry
Due to their supernatural ancestry, half-jinn are not wholly human. They are half-spirits, existing simultaneously in the realm of the jinn and simultaneously in the physical world. The unarmed attacks of the half-jinni count as magical weapons for the purpose of hitting opponents (and thus are able to damage immaterial, supernatural, or otherwise magical beings). Additionally, they do not have a normal human appearance. Due to their unusual appearance, they have -1 to reaction rolls with humans. Roll on the tables below to generate your half-jinni's monstrous visage.
Skin Color (1d8)
01. Pale white
02. Mossy green
03. Bright red
04. Searing yellow
05. Pale blue
06. Dark maroon
07. Light green
08. Mottled orange
Skin Texture (1d8)
01. Scaly
02. Ashen
03. Slimy
04. Paper-thin
05. Hairy
06. Lumpy
07. Feathery
08. Dry
Additional Feature
01. Invisible limb
02. Goat legs
03. Long tongue
04. Boar tusks
05. Vestigial wings
06. Monkey tail
07. One eye
08. Dog snout
09. Owl eyes
10. Horns atop head
11. Bat nose
12. Donkey ears
Saving Throws
Half-jinn save as fighters, but receive +2 to saves against fire.
Spirit Vision
Due to their nature as half-spirits, half-jinni are able to see all spirits.
Wolf Hatred
Wolves despise all jinn, and even half-jinn draw their ire. Wolves will attack half-jinn on sight, although they will roll morale and flee as normal after combat begins.

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Level: Invisibility Time
1: one round (6 sec.)
2: two rounds (12 sec.)
3: three rounds (18 sec.)
4: four rounds (24 sec.)
5: five rounds (30 sec.)
6: ten rounds (1 min.)
7: fifteen rounds (1.5 min.)
8: twenty rounds (2 min.)
9: thirty rounds (3 min.)
10: forty rounds (4 min.)
11: fifty rounds (5 min.)
12: one turn (10 min.)

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